Day 3: Monday 31 October

What a day. I am very glad it’s over.
We set of for the hospital to meet the medical team first thing this morning. As usual, I wasn’t feeling great but managed to get myself over there. Dr Yan is the lead doctor who looked over my CT and PET scans and reports, as well as blood tests. He conferred with several other doctors and decided that in addition to the standard SPDT treatment, he would likely offer me Ozone treatment, P53 Gene Therapy, Dendritic Cell therapy, and a couple of other things which I can’t remember because its late and I am tired. The therapies will be staged, and will be provided on an as needs basis.
There was a lot of rigmarole associated with the payment process. Fortunately we got RMB in cash in Hong Kong so we could pay for the first fortnight of SPDT treatment today (approx. $14k). There was also a 5000RMB hospital charge, perhaps for the bed that I’ll use during the days, but really, it is hard to tell exactly what it is for. All the other treatments and tests will be charged separately. I won’t be looking forward to those bills, but in for a penny…
By lunch time my general feeling of unwell had turned into a full blown fever. I laid down in a hospital bed at about 1pm in readiness to start taking the chlorophyll drops but my temperature cracked 39 degrees so they needed to address that before worrying about the drops. I ended up getting some Chinese medicine jabbed into my butt muscle to try and ease the fever but it didn’t work. I was then given something else which took over eight hours to administer. During that time I was also given the SPDT chlorophyll drops every 2 – 20 minutes depending on the rate at which I was absorbing them, and whether or not the nurse remembered that two minutes was up! I dozed in and out of sleep all day and evening, just staying conscious enough to open my mouth to receive the drops but most of the time keeping my eyes shut for this process.
By about 730pm/8pm I was feeling markedly better. Whatever concoction I had agreed to them giving me (using agreed in the most loose sense of the word) had worked. Fever had subsided, and I was feeling a lot more human, even if I now have green teeth and a green tongue. Just call it my Halloween costume!
Brad has been pretty down today because he is struggling to make sense of all this and is worried that it is all just a big con. It’s true that there are a lot of inconsistencies, and a lot of things that don’t add up or that we don’t understand. But, we are in a foreign country where a language is spoken that we don’t understand. So it is not surprising that we feel a little unsure of our footing. We had an interpreter with us all day long, as well as a nurse whose English is quite good. To me they seem very helpful, and were happy to tell me exactly what drugs it was proposed that I take today (eg Vit C, Vit B12 etc) to help get my strength back and overcome the fever. They even found the English spelling of the Chinese medicine that they gave me for the fever. Actually, it was more like Latin than English so that wasn’t really that helpful – but it was the thought that counts!


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