Day 6: Thursday 3 November

What a shite day.

Really shite.

Things started out ok. A little interesting, to be sure. Then, they went to shite.

I started out the day with my P53 Gene Therapy. A bloke with a cold bag showed up in the hospital room, not wearing any discernible corporate insignia, and my interpreter said I needed to pay him 7400RMB for the gene therapy. Sure! Why not?! So, we handed over the cash and made an arrangement to meet at the hospital again on Sunday. At least we got a receipt.

I had the gene therapy and went off for SPDT.

The SPDT was mildly better than yesterday but not great. I handled the PDT OK, but we ran into difficulties again when it came time to receive the SDT over my chest area. The girls tried to hold me down over the water after bandaging up my breasts to try and squish them down. It helped a little, but not enough. They said they would check with the engineer to see what could be done to fix this problem, because obviously burnt nipples and a burnt back was not a good outcome for me several days per week.

I was feeling pretty weak and woozy after the treatments and went back to the bed in the ward ready for my daily KLT. Things were OK for an hour or so but then I got the shivers. I was told that a fever was a fairly common symptom of gene therapy because the P53 gene is infused using a live virus. So I got really cold then really hot and ended up with a temperature of 39.5 degrees. I was given a variety of medicines to keep the fever at bay (not antibiotics, might I add) and it levelled out around 38 degrees for quite a few hours. They kept trying to make me eat to “keep my strength up” but unpackaged food is a little hard to come by and I vomited up the basic focaccia-style bread that I had for lunch (just bread, no cheese or meats or anything), so I really wasn’t in the mood for food. By 10pm or so we decided that Brad should go back to the hotel and I should stay overnight in hospital (the temp was down to 37.5 and I felt better, but no point aggravating things by going out in the cold). We couldn’t convince the interpreter to go home so she also stayed overnight in hospital just in case I needed anything. Despite having slept most of the day, albeit under feverish conditions, I slept right through from 1030pm to 8pm and definitely felt a lot better in the morning.


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