Day 7: Friday 4 November

Today was about a million times better than yesterday, thank goodness. My fever subsided late last night, then today I had the KLT infusion without a hitch, lunch (more in a moment) then SPDT. Even got to leave the hospital before 5pm – a real treat!

Probably the only noteworthy thing about today was lunch. Not exactly the biggest issue, but when you haven’t eaten for a while it gets kind of important. Yesterday we learned that the restaurant in the hospital has some very interesting opening hours; 7-8am, then 11am-1pm. Very odd for a café that needs to service a hospital full of staff, patients and visitors (thankfully, there is no in-hospital catering because that’s never any good no matter what country you’re in).

So although we missed the café opening time when we showed up for lunch at 1pm yesterday, today we thought we had it all covered when Brad and Allison (the interpreter) went down to get some lunch at 12.30pm. I remembered from yesterday that the café seemed to offer the usual style Chinese fare so I asked for some chicken and veges, perhaps with a few noodles thrown in. Easy? Hahahaha! They managed to come bag with a little bag of lukewarm broccoli with a few bits of carrot and cauliflower thrown in. Allison shared her dumplings with me so I got a few of those as well. As it happens, that was really more than enough for lunch. But, the chicken was “coming.”

After a short wait one of the catering staff showed up to the room with the chicken. Oh my. This was literally a feast for about 5 people. It turned out to be some sort of massive plate of rich, spicy, potato and chicken curry with its origins somewhere near the Tibetan border. I has a few mouthfuls and it certainly was delicious, but given I was vomiting less than 24 hours earlier I didn’t think that heavy, spicy food was really a great idea. Brad had a fix of it but unfortunately most of it went uneaten. I asked Allison if we could give it away but she said that because people don’t really know us yet they’re not really going to accept food from us – fair enough!

SPDT went far more smoothly today. No tears!!! They put more water in the bath so I managed to get the full treatment on my chest area and come out the other end unscathed. Everyone was happier today. I had KLT again – no dramas.

After hospital we went to have a look at an apartment to rent. It looks as though we can get a two bedroom apartment for less than it is costing us per week in a fairly reasonably priced hotel room. So that will be a better option as it should make the basics like preparing our own food, washing and so forth a little more accessible. The apartment was OK but wasn’t quite up to the health and hygiene standards that I need right now. There were also a couple of guys sitting waiting who really wanted it so I was more than happy to let them go right ahead. We are going to see an apartment on Sunday that looks a little nicer (at least from the pictures on the net) so hopefully that one will work out.


6 Responses to Day 7: Friday 4 November

  1. Jackie McKiernan says:

    Jaye you are one very amazing and courageous young woman. Thank you (and Brad) for sharing your journey with us. I hope there are no more burned nipples and backs and the vomiting stops soon.

  2. Jaye-I heard of your story from AussieDave on IsraellyCool. I am a cancer survivor myself and I know that it is important to feel that there are people who love you and want you to get better. I am on the winning end of a 12 year fight against thyroid cancer and January will mark 5 years with no recurrence. No one is alone and know that you are loved and cared for by others you have never met. Fight on and prevail, Jaye.

    Jim from Iowa

  3. Yvette webster says:

    Jaye, my memories of you involve your strength, fiestiness and sense of humor. All very, very important attributes right now. I haven’t seen you in about a decade but I’m thinking of you and sending you love. Also have you looked into qi gong? I did a course in it here in Minnesota, apparently it has healed many serious conditions and helps with stress and anxiety…

  4. John Carey says:

    Jaye, I read your blog everyday. All my positive thoughts and love are with you during this time.It is a journey that I don’t think I would have the courage for…you’re pretty amazing.

  5. Maddalena says:

    Thinking of you.
    Sending you much love.

  6. Nick Mastaglia says:


    I’ll be reading …

    Big hugs from Nick and Aymee

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