Day 9: Sunday afternoon fever (Sun 6 Nov)

Saturday night Sunday afternoon fever

We hit the hospital for a quick dose of P53 gene therapy and some KLT this morning. Our man with the drugs showed up and we handed over the 7400RMB in cash. By 3pm the infusions were nearly done and my temperature looked normal. By 345pm this was no longer the case. The shivers began and so the cycle of fevers continued. On the upside this fever didn’t seem as bad nor as prolonged as the last two. It’s 8pm now and I’m back at the hotel, so a four-hour turnaround isn’t too bad. Of course, it felt like hell at the time but there is a weird sort of intellectual component to it now so that we can estimate the stages of the fever (the shivering, the heating up, the overheating, the sweating and the cool down) in order to figure out our estimated time of escape from the hospital. I really surprised myself today with my inordinate ability to sweat. I’m not really much of a sweater, but I really soaked through my new tracksuit like a trooper. Nice.

Today they didn’t bother giving me an injection to move the fever along so we just rode it out. Well, mainly I rode it out, but poor old Brad sat there in the hospital for ten hours waiting for all the excitement to pass. In my feverish stupor I noticed that he was trying to get some practice in at Solitaire on the iPad but he still hasn’t been able to improve on my quickest time or fewest number of moves 😉 My indefatigable interpreter was there for the long haul too, even though she should’ve left early on account of her father being in town and her mother cooking a special Sunday night hot pot for the whole family.

So today was largely uneventful but I did manage to be a little bit cheeky. That is, cheeky in the Aussie sense of the word. I boldly and openly took two Panadol to help the symptoms of the fever along. Yep, I didn’t even try and hide it. What’s more, no one in the hospital tried to take the drugs off me or lock them in a cupboard so that I couldn’t get my hands on them. Ahhhh, there is a lot about this place that is quite refreshing compared to both the public and private systems in Australia.


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