Day 12: Just the medical stuff

P53 gene therapy, Vit C, Vit B6, KLT, SDT, PDT. Fever (39.5)

P.S. Here is a snap of me after the chlorophyll drops last week!


5 Responses to Day 12: Just the medical stuff

  1. Lucy W says:

    Greetings sweet blue tongued friend

    I cannot begin to imagine how scary the whole process is, but it’s great to see that you have so much love and support from Brad, your friends and family. I’m thinking of you lots and sending some nuclear-level get well wishes to Xi’an. In the hope of making you smile and further to MFS’ Chuck Norris comments about just how awesome you are:

    Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9 percent of germs. Jaye can kill 100 percent of whatever the fuck she wants.

    x Lucy W

  2. Nick Mastaglia says:

    Still love the curly hair.

  3. Kim Simpson says:

    Hope the drops taste better than they look Jaye! Keep fighting the good fight my friend, if anyone can beat this it’s you! 🙂 xx

  4. Rocio Perea Macedo says:

    I am here praying always for you, you have the support of Brad like an angel it is good, continue fighting my friend you will win this battle.

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