Day 15: Day off (Saturday 12 November)

Some day off.

I have been in pain all day, and have been super tired. I could barely manage a few steps without needing to sit for a break while we were packing our bags in order to move to a new hotel. The moving process was indescribable. It took two hours from putting our bags on the concierge trolley outside our room through to unloading them at the new hotel on the other side of the block. Seriously. It must have taken 30-40 minutes just for them to take payment for the past two weeks at the hotel we were leaving. Then we asked for two taxis to move us and our bags; we might as well have asked for a private jet. Brad ended up going down the street and cajoling a driver to come to the hotel to take us but it wasn’t easy. At the other end checking in was another challenge. We had already booked and paid for the new hotel online and had a voucher for the accommodation but that seemed all but irrelevant to the hotel staff. We were taken to a room which was not the room we had booked, and finally after another long wait, we were taken to the right sort of room.

After the morning’s ordeal I spent the afternoon in bed. At least the bed here is a lot more comfortable than the last place, but we remain prepared for any eventuality of discomfort with our foam rolls at the ready! Brad went out to face the world and engage in some more ‘waiting’ as he tried to buy a basic printer cartridge for his inkjet.

We have all but abandoned the idea of getting an apartment. Everyone seems to want a twelve month lease, with eight months’ rent payable up front. At this point we don’t know how long we will be here. If it is three or four months, then an apartment would still make good sense. But my first progress scans aren’t for two to three weeks, so if the treatment isn’t working then we will need to leave China and move on and there’s no point paying 8-12 months rent on a lease that we may need to abandon in 2-3 weeks’ time. On top of all of that, none of the apartments have been quite right. One that Brad saw with the interpreter was good, but the apartment was an eight minute walk to the main road to get a taxi. That was a problem because I have been told to stay out of the cold as much as possible so we had to let that one go. Anyway, the new hotel is literally across the road from the hospital so we can walk to and fro in a minute or two and not have to worry about waiting around in the cold for taxis late at night. We’ll see how it goes.

EEC Biotech

I had a good chat today with one of the Australian directors of the company that is providing my medical treatment. Although I am being treated at Chang’An Hospital, the company behind the treatment is EEC Biotech. He told me that the treatment has to be provided under the name of a hospital, rather than the name of the company itself. Not sure why, but it doesn’t really matter.


3 Responses to Day 15: Day off (Saturday 12 November)

  1. Bec says:

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. You are truly courageous and inspiring.

    I write this while sitting here in Perth with my husband, sleeping in the medical bed next to me, who has a brain tumour. You give some hope for this dreadful illness.

    We have not met, but I know you by name through a number of friends, and my husband’s aunt. I am so sorry you are going through what you are, and dearly wish you all the best.


  2. Val BAll says:

    Hi JR,

    Up to this point you have missed your vocation in life- an authour, but not just any authour, a best selling authour. Your blog is entertaining and informative. Even when the days are dark you make light of them.

    KT and I are always anxious about you, but we are sure Brad is the best person you could have looking after you. We do look forward to your return home.

    Amanda saw Arlene last Friday. She was , as usual, very apprehensive about going, but Arlene was happy with things. Thank goodness.

    Lots of love JR.


  3. Odette says:

    Jaye, I just heard about the gas blast in Xian leaving some 30 people injured and 7 dead and hope that you, Brad and everyone involved with your treatment is safe.

    Thank you so much for writing this blog and sending so much information through. You mentioned in an earlier blog that the hopes pinned on you could sometimes feel weighty. Please keep on writing this blog and instead feel the wonderful energy everybody is sending you. Both receiving these healing thoughts and writing your experiences will be of great therapeutic benefit.

    Also, don’t focus on shrinking of the tumors too much, the goal is to turn the cells inactive, but these necrotic cells will still show up for a while, but they will not cause you any harm, if they can’t grow. Just think of scar tissue after an injury, it remains visible for a while but it has stopped you from bleeding.

    Lots of love,


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