Day 28: Happy 85th Birthday Nanna Zora (Friday 25 November)

Today Nanna Zora turns 85. Bloody hell. I’ve had enough trouble making it to 35 – I don’t know how you’ve done it Nan. I guess they used to make ‘em a lot tougher than they do now! I hope you have the best possible birthday that you can, given all of the challenges that you face on a daily basis. I wish I could be there with you but in any event I’m glad that you will receive many visits today from family and friends – you deserve it. Lots of love on your special day, Jaye and Brad.

I finally had a night without pain. Well, I had a tiny bit, but nothing to write home (read: blog) about and nothing that caused me to take any drugs. I slept through the night too. Well, actually I woke up twice but that’s practically sleeping through the night. I had to get up to get changed because I sweated through my clothes a couple of times. So let’s just go with this summary – a pain free, sleep filled night. It was great.

It was intended that I would have the antibiotic infusion in my room today then head straight down to SPDT. Unfortunately I was back asleep again by 10am and there was no person or thing that could wake me to get me down to therapy. When I finally emerged from my slumber at 130pm all the infusions including the vitamins and KLT were done, so I only had SPDT and HiFU left for the day. Things were looking up!

SPDT went by without incident and HiFU wasn’t bad either. Today they zapped a pelvic tumour located away from my gallbladder so that was good. I did come off the HiFU bed wet with sweat from the base of my hairline down to my legs, but that is just par for the course.

I had only managed to fit in a banana for lunch after waking up and before SPDT so I was eager for an early dinner. In the past day or two it has been revealed that the cafeteria in the hospital actually has an evening opening time as well as breakfast and lunch. We think it is from 4pm-6pm but that’s still to be confirmed. Anyway, rather than bracing the cold to get food out ‘on the block,’ I decided to go for the in-house option. It is really very good quality for cafeteria food and is super cheap (just don’t mention the noodle soup).

So tonight I am well rested, sober and fed. Experiencing these three things in combination are a miracle in themselves. This state of relative well-being means I can read over the less than lucid drafts of the past few days’ worth of blogs and hope that the internet works for long enough for me to upload them. This will mean that Chris M will have a happy day tomorrow. You see, he was driven to call us tonight to request more punctual receipt of his morning reading material (and possibly also to check in to see how we are travelling). Apparently he needs my regular daily blog to help keep him regular, or something like that J. I’m pressing “upload” just for you Chris.


3 Responses to Day 28: Happy 85th Birthday Nanna Zora (Friday 25 November)

  1. Kim Simpson says:

    I’m with Chris M Jaye, I eagerly look forward to the daily blog and feel sad and depressed when forced to read The West instead! 🙂
    I struggle to imagine how you find the time or energy to write such a comprehensive blog each day but it will be great one day for you to be able to look back at the miracle that will fingers crossed, happen! Keep fighting the good fight Jaye xxx

  2. Philippa O'Brien says:

    I never read the West and only get the Australian for the weekend tv guide and try to avoid glimpsing anything else – but this is proper reading Jaye….real NEWS. About something I care about. It’s scary to hear about what’s happening to you but great to know you’re pressing on – and that you’re rested, sober and fed simultaneously. More than I can say.

  3. Es says:

    Grey pubes. That’s what we want… Life’s purpose so simple.

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