Day 31: Monday 28 November

This entry is the first one that I was not able to start on the day that it actually happened so I am piecing it together a day later…

I was exhausted when I woke up on Monday morning even though I had ten hours’ sleep.

I made it to the hospital a little late, and quite down and grumpy, but nonetheless prepared for the week’s treatment to begin. The day was plagued with delays of every sort. First the nurses couldn’t start my infusions because my picc line was blocked and they just couldn’t clear it. Eventually I was taken for an ultrasound which confirmed the blockage and at which time I was also told that it wasn’t DVT. Not sure how they could tell that but no complaints!

Yesterday afternoon and last night I had a lot of lower back pain. I thought it was muscular but then my mind started to play tricks on me (as did Brad’s on him) and we both independently came up with the horrendous possibility that maybe I have new tumours in my back. Brad suggested that I get an ultrasound on the tender area to double check. The radiologists in the HiFU team did the ultrasound no problems and they said it is all clear. Phew. Now, a day or so later, the area is slightly tender from the massaging that Brad did to try and relieve it but it doesn’t have any of the pain that it did on Sunday thank goodness – so I will just put it down to being another one of ‘those things.’

After lunch I went for HiFU and got very hot over the course of the treatment. The treatment seemed very long, maybe an hour although I didn’t ask. My mind was not enjoying the experience. My body was taking it slightly better, but every so often a hot, sharp pain penetrated my leg for a few seconds until the machine focussed the energy on another part of the pelvic tumour. I have experienced this shooting pain before when they have HiFUd the pelvic tumours – perhaps it is the focal point of the energy crossing paths with nerves or something? Anyway, I got a temperature after the HiFU as well as the usual stiffness and tightening of the abdo-pelvic area so I was quite uncomfortable after the session. I didn’t get back to the room until the early evening and Brad called to see if it was time to come and pick me up yet. Ha! My temperature jumped from 37.3 before the HiFU up to 39 for three or four hours. I had the anti-fever medication but it worked very slowly. I finally had enough and around 10pm I packed up and left the hospital to ride out the rest of the fever at home in the hotel – my 12 hour day was long enough. I was starving by this stage so a makeshift dinner of an orange, crackers and two Raffaelos was the best I could manage. Still, it did the job.

On Saturday a new SPDT patient from Brisbane and her husband will join us here in Xian. It will be good to have a couple of new people to talk to.

I also went nuts today because my mum told me she had bought some apples that she wanted to bring to China. I can’t be bothered reliving my hysteria at this suggestion but suffice to say there are plenty of apples here and mum doesn’t need to use a kilo of her luggage allowance on apples.

Oh, and there was quite a bit more spontaneous crying today. I am getting quite concerned about managing the depression which seems to be coming my way at a rate of knots. I don’t want to go on anti-depressants right now so I think I will start high-dose Omega-3 for a while and see how I go.


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