Day 33: Sleep deprived (Wednesday 30 November)

Yes, I am behind again. My energy levels are waning on a daily basis and every day there’s a new challenge to overcome. Everything here seems to be getting harder and I have no way of knowing if any of the treatments are helping at all. I can still feel the tumours in my abdomen from the outside, but again, no way of knowing if they are enlarged and inflamed as part of the treatment process or if they’re getting bigger or what’s going on.

Last night was a bitch. With a capital B. I did not sleep a single wink all night. I took different drugs every two hours because I didn’t know what else to do to give me some relief. Oddly though, it wasn’t too hard to get through today. It was actually quite a peaceful day. I even had what I called the ‘perfect’ SPDT session. That is, no sweating on the PDT bed, no vomiting, no burning from the sensors in the SDT bath, no chill etc. Amazing. The afternoon was spent hooked up on infusions in the room and as much as I tried to sleep I just couldn’t. You’d think I would’ve been out like a light!

I went to HiFU in the afternoon and the doctors limited the lasers to half an hour today – an hour just zonks me out too much. They seemed to take the view that I should have shorter HiFU sessions but more often. We’ll see if that pans out.

Allison kindly sourced me some lunch from the basement cafeteria to bring up to the room so I could stay hooked up. She asked what I wanted and I said anything that is in keeping with the gallstone diet. Ha! That was tricky. We have a bit of a running gag going on here and when the doctors tell me to ‘eat light’ I laugh. I have not come across any meal here, vegetarian or otherwise, that isn’t laden with fat and oil. When Allison returned from the restaurant she reluctantly admitted that I was right, and that it was more difficult than she realised to find ‘healthy’ food in the hospital restaurant (let’s not even touch on the hospital supermarket.) So, I got buckwheat noodles in some broth (still with plenty of oil in it) and some mixed veges with sprouted soya beans. Quite tasty.

We got back to the hotel about 530pm and it was still daylight which was very odd. I am not used to being in the hotel in daylight hours other than when I’m leaving in the mornings. There we rested and relaxed. I zoned in and out.

Grapefruit correction

In past posts I have mentioned the giant, super-sweet grapefruits that I have discovered here. As it turns out, they are not grapefruit at all. I bought one from the hospital supermarket on the way home tonight and the packaging (everything is packaged here) declared that the fruit is actually a honey pomelo. Makes sense. I attempted to crack the pomelo to have an afternoon snack but I couldn’t do it unaided. The skin and pith are so thick that I needed a knife and some brute strength to lever the skin away. It was so big that we barely ate a third of it between us – these things can feed whole families! I highly recommend getting your hands on one.


Since having HiFU today I have been feeling extremely tender around the right flank area. Not pain as such, but real discomfort. I am going to take a warm bath (perhaps within an hour given how long the water takes to heat up in the hotel) to try and soothe it then go to bed and try and finally get some sleep. Brad has ever so kindly got the taps running to get some warm water for me and get the bath ready. Lucky girl.

Mum arrives

Mum arrives late tonight so Brad the Superstar is going to brave the cold and go and meet her at the airport and bring her and her assortment of food products and laundry items back to the hotel.  I am SOOOOOO glad that I don’t have to go! Too cold. Too far. Too hard.

I really need to do something nice to thank Brad for his part in this ordeal that he’s patiently putting up with. But what? I can’t go out and buy him anything, I don’t have the wherewithal to take him anywhere, I can’t make him anything or cook him anything… I am trying to get better but that seems to be taking a while to deliver on… so any and all ideas are very welcome!


2 Responses to Day 33: Sleep deprived (Wednesday 30 November)

  1. Carly says:

    I was going to say that the grapefruit you described previously was probably a pomelo. Here in Israel they are a common winter fruit, and come in regular and pink varieties, like grapefruit. We also have another fruit that is a cross between the two, and it’s called a pomelit (in Hebrew that just means a little pomelo). Its skin isn’t quite so thick as a pomelo’s skin, an its shape resembles a grapefuit, only it’s bigger. Its taste is halfway between a grapefruit and a pomelo, and it’s exceptionally juicy – it’s my favourite citrus fruit.

  2. Jess Osborne says:

    Well I would send brad to the terracotta warriors for sure or to a day spa somewhere nice…now hoping mum is bringing u some good old fashion iron tablets?

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