Day 36: Hundred thousand dollar woman (Saturday 3 December)

I was pretty miserable again today. Went to the hospital for 10am and finally started the infusions at eleven. Bottle after bottle was raised and removed from the stand and finally at 5pm I was free. I slept most of the morning to try and compensate for last night. It was a funny night. No pain, but more post-HiFU discomfort. It was a night of ‘rightside, leftside, frontside, back.’ And repeat. There was no position that would bring me any comfort. I kept away from the drugs until 5am and finally took two Nurofen Plus which helped me sleep through til 830am. That was a good three hours.

Mum and Brad paced out the six hours in hospital remarkably well today. It is one thing being a patient but I’m not sure if I am cut out for a carer’s role – I’m not that patient! Kudos to them.

A new patient from Australia and her husband arrived today. They’re just here for 15 days to give SPDT a go and see if it complements the treatment that she is already having. It was nice to hear another Aussie accent (her husband’s), even though I usually cringe when I hear them overseas because we tend to sound so much more ocka (sp?) when we’re out of Australia. I’m a bit jealous though – the new patient is Chinese by birth so she’s going to have a much easier time with language without any translation barriers here. She told me that it’s just role reversal – she has a lot of trouble understanding what’s happening with her medical situation when information is delivered to her by Australian doctors. Swings and roundabouts, as they say.

My inner foodie

When I came back to the room I decided to read the latest MasterChef magazine that mum brought with her. I’m sort of glad I did read it, but I also wish I hadn’t. The amazing array of fresh produce, taste sensations and flavour combinations, cuisines and cooking styles completely overwhelmed me. It really made me want to go home and get my hands on some of that good stuff. I want to be back in my own kitchen. I want to shop for delicious, fresh ingredients from all over the world and be completely unhindered by what gets served at my dinner table. But that is not to be, for now. For all the complaints I have about Perth as a city, and there are many, I actually think the diversity of food available in Perth restaurants and from local providores is amongst the best in the world. There’s almost no ingredient we can’t get, from anywhere in the world, and it is usually fresh and delicious. That’s nothing to be sneezed at.

In the depths of my misery on this Saturday night while reading the foodie mag, a little light shone into my life. My delightful foodie friends and ex-neighbours Scott-Bradley and Stu from Sydney gave me a call to cheer me up a little. Of course, I cried at first after hearing from them but they soon turned my frown upside down. Thanks for the pick-me-up boys. Scooter is a complete devotee of the Food Matters philosophy and the power of raw food for healing so I am finally going to watch the doco tomorrow night. That’s a promise.

Hundred thousand dollar woman

Today marks the end of week five of treatment here in Xian, China. It is hard to believe. It feels like five months or five years to me, rather than just a few weeks. It also marks the first $100K that we’ve invested in keeping me alive – that went fast. It is a very strange feeling to have a price-tag put on your life. This is just the beginning. Even if the treatment is working, we don’t know how long it will take to have full effect. In the not too distant future there won’t be any more investments to liquidate or loans to be taken. This is quite a confronting thought, to say the least. But for now I just hope that I get some good news soon. I await a glimmer of hope to help motivate me to stay in this race.


Today I got a blog update from my university friend James who is also in the Club. He and his lovely wife and daughter are going through a bloody tough time of their own right now. In her update today Lindy says “We are all still here for now hanging on as hard as we can.” Keep hanging on James. Keep hanging on Linda. Keep hanging on. You’ve got to. I am thinking of you daily from the Northern Hemisphere and hope above hope that we both find our miracle cures.