Day 38: A pain in the aaaaaaaaa…..rm (Monday 5 December)

Ha! Bet you didn’t think I was going to say arm, did you? 😉 Yes, well my PICC line is blocked again and this morning the nurses couldn’t budge either of the pipes leading into the line. There was talk of pulling the line out altogether, which I was not so keen on because when I had it put in in Perth I was told that it should function for six months. Plus of course without the line I would be subject to constant canulation which my poor old veins are no longer ripe for. I reluctantly agreed to have a canula put in today which should last 5-7 days and should therefore see me through the rest of the P53 and DCT. But I came a cropper today when it was time for KLT – the pain!!!!!!!!! All the way from the canula in my hand up to my shoulder. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! I asked for the doctor to be called in to see if the canula was put in properly or if there was another problem but I guess they thought I was being a weakling – I got no doctor’s visit just notice that “other patients get this pain too” from KLT via a canula and I just needed to bear it. Grrrreeeeaaaaaat.

I had some trouble getting to sleep last night but I got there in the end after applying some Nurofen gel and having Brad rub the sore spot on my back for a while. Even better was that I only woke up once during the night. But the weird thing was the feeling that I had when I did wake in the middle of the night. I felt like I was floating after awaking from not one, but two dreams. The first dream was set in a summer seaside holiday with Anthony and Rachel that was called Rottnest Island but it wasn’t Rottnest. It wasn’t a place that we’ve actually been to either. The other dream that I awoke from simultaneously (or so it seemed) represented something that’s actually happened. It was when Tonya and I drove off the highway between Rome and Florence into a little hillside town and took photos next to a sign that said “Sexy Disco,” that was randomly placed on the side of the road. The backdrop was a series of undulating green hills, made even more green after T photo-shopped the photos! I can’t explain either of these things and I’m pretty sure a dream book wouldn’t help either but they were both really pleasant thoughts to wake up from.

Not much else to report today. No HiFU because the doctor was having a day off, so just drops, KLT and ‘antibiotics,’ (I think the drug is actually an anti-inflammatory rather than an anti-biotic). But when I got out of the hospital bed to get ready to head home I wasn’t feeling great. Even without HiFU or SPDT I am feeling exceptionally swollen and tender in the flank. It’s scary every time that happens because it just makes me think that the treatment isn’t working and that the tumours are getting worse. I managed to waddle home and put myself to bed for a couple of hours to relax and warm up. The feeling has improved slightly as the night has worn on, so at least that’s something.


One Response to Day 38: A pain in the aaaaaaaaa…..rm (Monday 5 December)

  1. LindaS says:

    Hi – Don’t know if you have facilities to fo this but if so you could try putting a hot water bottle on your arm or hot towels. That helped James through burning potassium infusions in the arm. xoxo

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