Day 46: Almost a Wonderful Time (Tuesday 13 December)

Yesterday’s results were not very encouraging but I’ve realised there are several “buts,” and I need to be more positive.

First, it may be too early for any evidence of impact from some of the treatments to be showing (ie P53), and the tumours blitzed with HiFU may be inflamed and showing higher activity readings than what is actually reality. Apparently it can take up to three months for evidence of DCT to work too.

The other thing is that the tumours have not proliferated. In the ten weeks from July scan to October (or there abouts), somewhere between 7 – 10 new tumours grew. In a similar period since the October scan to now, it is most probable that no new tumours grew. On one hand, it may be nothing as I understand that they tend to grow in bursts. But they were definitely fast growing tumours and I should probably take some heart that there aren’t new ones and they are not obviously bigger.

Time to try and focus on faith and hope, and probably a bit of love too. All three of the above have been waning.

I woke up this morning wet-through again but ho hum… At least the fever had passed and I could actually eat something so I picked at a few basic things from the buffet.

Had drops, KLT, vitamins, some new medicine for my liver…

Everyone was super polite to each other today and apologies flied around thick and fast on the back of the trying times from yesterday.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Brad went out and bought a $30 induction hotplate complete with a couple of pots so that we can actually lightly cook some veges ourselves without all the oily, spicy additions. The machine works like a charm. It’s a bit late in the day for it but it’ll be here waiting for us if we return. If not, doesn’t matter.

In anticipation of my break at home I’m also getting ready for a new and improved approach to diet and cancer nutrition. I have bought a reverse osmosis water filter with mineraliser to try and keep my body as alkaline as possible (cancer loves acidic environments). I’ve also checked out the Choice comparisons about cold-pressed fruit and vege juicers and am deciding which one to get. The non-centrifugal juicers seem to be far better than the conventional ones, and Daniel and Bryan swear by theirs so that’s good enough for me! I think I’ll buy something on the first shopping day after Christmas in the hope that it will be 20-50% off. If you have a cold-pressed juicer that you recommend please let me know the brand and where you bought it. I would prefer one with as few attachments as possible. The less ‘bits’ the better.

Not quite a “Wonderful Time”

We haven’t really been able to show Mum a very good time here in China – disappointing, though it wasn’t exactly the point of the trip. Fortunately Gary from Queensland agreed to let Mum tag along on his visit downtown this afternoon while Yan stayed resting after her treatment. Those two crazy kids walked (or stalked?) the Xian downtown for four hours and returned with blisters and a few tourist-style memories. The Belltower was closed but they checked out the Muslim quarter, the Mosque and maybe one or two of the significant pagodas (not sure). They tasted a few of the delights on offer in the city but I don’t think they could tell you what it was they actually ate. Been there!

Mum’s been walking in the park next to the hotel and found that there’s a couple of restaurants hidden in there. One’s called “Wonderful Time.” She has been offering to take us there for days and finally everyone was in the right frame of mind to make it happen. Gary and Yan joined us and we had a good time indeed. It turns out that we didn’t actually go to Wonderful Time restaurant because it was closed, but we went to the other one instead. In any event, it was nice to be out of the hotel for a little while with some other people to talk to.


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