Day 47: Blase day (Wednesday 14 December 2011)

Trying to piece this day together belatedly (Sat 17 Dec)…

Had SPDT, infusions and started the three-day ordeal of extra-long HiFU all afternoon where two tumours were zapped in succession.

One thing I remember about Wednesday is that I was really quite low all day, and night. Poor old Gavin got tears when he called on Wednesday night but he was a trooper in helping to lift my spirits. Thanks Gav.

We met Jill today who is the sister of Pearl, another of Dr Yan’s international patients. Pearl has come to Xian for P53 therapy, as SPDT and chemo are no longer suitable for her. Jill is a firecracker! She’s Taiwanese by birth, has lived in the USA for 40 years and travels regularly to Beijing and Shanghai (among other places) for work. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to talk to another English speaker, if just for a few minutes before she jetted off for the night.

I wasn’t in the mood for anything or anyone by night’s end. Mum went out and got me takeaway from the restaurant that we’d eaten at the night before. The rest is a blur.


One Response to Day 47: Blase day (Wednesday 14 December 2011)

  1. Ann Layton says:

    Dear Jaye, Just wishing you continuing strength in your resolve to control this wretched disease that affects partners, parents and children supporting their loved one, just like you. Please look after yourself and if you want more inspiration, Jim Stynes will be trialing a new drug from the U.S at the Peter Mac Cancer Centre in the New Year.Details in the Herald Sun 3/11/2011.Then others can trial it also next year.A cancer vaccine is being highly sought after by the Bio Tech companies in the U.S… can’t come soon enough.When you come home,you can enjoy some warm summer days! You have many supporters,back here in Perth.

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