Day 48: Penultimate day of treatment (Thursday 15 December)

Happy Birthday to Mr Playle in The Berra. May you celebrate the auspicious occasion in whatever way the best Canberra bureaucrats do 😉

Today I was mysteriously moved to the so-called “VIP” room at the end of the corridor. It happened fairly unceremoniously – ie – I showed up and all my things had been moved. There didn’t appear to be any reason for the move and one never was revealed. As you might expect, the room didn’t have any obvious hallmarks of a VIP facility.

I was in HiFU hell for three hours or more today. It took three attempts to accurately locate the pelvic tumour and I had an hour or so of zapping on each. Lucky me – a fever came on while I was stuck under the HiFU machine so I got the cold shivers followed up by overheating and sweating. What a delightful afternoon.

Later on I was offered a Chinese medicine herbal drink. I’m still not entirely sure why, or why now, at this late stage in proceedings. I got the impression the medicine was designed to improve my overall wellbeing. Anyway, I drank the concoction – it was bearable. I don’t know how much good one cup of hot herbs could do in one evening and the following morning but I did it anyway. I’ve asked for the recipe so I can get a Chinese herbalist at home to reproduce it so that I can drink it on my break in Perth.

It was another tetchy day. Brad and I have so many things running around in our heads. It’s nearly time to leave. We don’t know if this is working or not. We’re scared. I’m sore. It’s confusing. There’s a long list of challenges but there’s only one more treatment to go – I suppose it doesn’t seem real that it (this first tour of duty) is really nearly over. We need to figure out if we will come back, and assuming we do, we have to figure out how we’re going to handle the environment which will be even colder. Decisions for another day.

Mum left today. Thanks Mum for helping me the past couple of weeks with all the mundane stuff. Not much of a holiday for you but I appreciate it. One thing though… how on EARTH did you manage to get on a plane with a bottle of bleach in your bag???!!!!

Thank you to Paul, Lylea and Tonya for calling tonight, for putting up with my tears and garbled phone response. You guys made my day. Sorry to those of you who couldn’t get through on my Chinese phone – Belinda, Daniel and Teresa – I have no idea why the system didn’t let your calls through but I thank you for trying. I’ll be back on Aussie mobile very soon so we’ll talk then.


3 Responses to Day 48: Penultimate day of treatment (Thursday 15 December)

  1. Val BAll says:

    We (Grant, Amanda and I) think of you every day and marvel and despair of the battle that you are undertaking. The despair is only because we hurt that you hurt, we want so badly for you to be well again! The marvel is your personal fortitude! But then I didn’t work for you for 3 and half years without noticing that courage, strength and resilience are your forte woman!

    We look forward to your return home with great anticipation.

    All my love


  2. Louise Pratt says:

    Your blog is brilliant. Do persevere with sharing your journey if you can. I also hope your spirits lift in coming home to Perth. I also very much hope your doctor here can make some sense of your results room China and see improvement.
    Sending much love.

  3. Dee says:

    Agree with Louise, your blog is fabulous and it has been a privilege to read about your journey. Please do let us all know how you are going. I also hope that a more positive light has been shed on your results.


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