About this blog

This blog is about my journey from Australia to China in search of a cure for my late-stage, metastasised, rare Adult Wilm’s Tumour.

Last time I was diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumour (for the second time) I thought I would document the experience and started a book called “Take Two.” I wrote one entry and haven’t looked at it again.

I have all but given up on the idea that I might be able to write a book and have turned my attention to a blog instead – thank you to the digital genii out there and the freeware producers who will make this possible (wordpress.com and others).

The main purpose of this blog is to keep family, friends and interested observers updated on my wellbeing on a daily basis, and to provide insight about what the mechanics of this sort of treatment really involves.

I really want to try and document what happens to me here in China in as much detail as possible to give other people considering similar treatment more information about what they might be in for, and up for, if they go forward with such treatment. It was pretty hard for me to find out much information before I left so I will do my best to expand the pool of information available to the general public.

I can’t guarantee that my blog will always make sense, be edited, or even be cogent. But I can guarantee that I will do my best to tell it how it is, and “keep it real.”

Jaye Radisich


2 Responses to About this blog

  1. Sylvia Rutley says:

    May God bless you and give you courage to endure. Hope it goes well with the treatment.

  2. Luisa Jones says:

    Hi Jaye
    You are a tough young woman – thinking of you and your enormous strength and courage and humor as you continue your treatment.
    Hope you’re wearing waterproof makeup in the bath pic.
    Particularly like the vino and the bloke as well !
    Hope today was easier for you
    Luisa Jones

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